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John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 19-09-18 - 11:49
Why are politicians not acting on climate change? Why is there increasing political polarization and frustration? C…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 17-09-18 - 10:42
Absolutely right! And is one way to make an international progressive front truly effective.
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 26-08-18 - 06:59
"Climate Change + Changing the Emotional Climate = our sustainable new "Al Gore-rhthym" on @LinkedIn"
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 18-08-18 - 12:17
RT @PeterOwenPubs: An interesting interview in evonomics with authors @JohnBunzl and @NickDuffell: A New Way to Think About Solving the Wor…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 17-08-18 - 14:39
Delighted that @joswinson LibDem MP for E. Dunbartonshire has today signed the Pledge to implement Simpol alongside…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 16-08-18 - 20:16
@IlanaEStrauss Thanks for the nice article about Simpol on Treehugger! If you'd like a copy of The Simpol Solution,…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 16-08-18 - 20:14
Nice article about Simpol on Could this plan force politicians to work together?
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 02-08-18 - 07:19
Another perfect example of how competition between nations retards action on climate change…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 22-07-18 - 23:03
Good debate about Simpol running on Naked Capitalism
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 07-07-18 - 09:04
Fancy hearing about Simpol over a pint? Want a new and effective way of driving politicians and governments to supp…