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John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 16-06-18 - 09:17
Yessss! I am now a proud patron of Catalyzing Coherence on @Patreon, and you should be too:
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 07-06-18 - 19:00
We're on the Wisdom Factory now! Join us!!
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 06-06-18 - 09:18
RT @nickduffell: Revitalising democracy to create new directions in politics and economics?
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 01-06-18 - 08:31
7th June 6pm UK time: The Wisdom Factory hosts an interactive online interview with me and Nick @nickduffell about…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 31-05-18 - 07:32
How to use your vote to solve global problems: Check out Tom Amarque interviewing me and Nick Duffell about our new…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 23-04-18 - 15:22
More regulation or less? With Brexit, will we get what we really voted for?
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 14-04-18 - 08:20
@denniswittrock I sometimes wonder whether identity politics is a psychological compensation for the Left's failure…
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 03-04-18 - 18:45
Simpol calls for unity of purpose
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 15-03-18 - 06:32
"What Trump can teach us about tackling Climate Change". New article on Medium
John Bunzl @JohnBunzl 14-03-18 - 10:18
I'll be presenting at the Supranational Democracy Dialogue, Lecce, Italy 26-27.4. Go here for more and to register…